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29 Apr

And yes I am B U S Y… and if I though February was our busiest month, I have no idea of what was coming.
I started this year with my regular with 3 wholesale accounts, as of today I have 10, and many new clients and customers that have become part of our Bunnie Cakes family and personal friends.
So now my mornings look something like this everyday,

From making 200-300 cupcakes a week, our production grew to 300-400 cupcakes a day,

With that said, I got some new help; a wonderful intern who is graduating to be pastry chef and of course my children, specially Noah who always proceed to make his quality control checks ups on the cupcakes,

We celebrate St Patrick’s Day with our drunk green cupcake,

And our favorite food truck Dolci Pecatti, sold many cupcakes and the best gelato in Miami period ( please go and try them, I guarantee you will like every single flavor in their menu… ask for sorbets if you want a vegan option! )

Some cute cakes flew out our doors,

And our daughter became Miss little Bunnie Cakes, because I just can’t stop buying cupcake or bunny related outfits ( She is herself a mini cupcake … delicious!)

And back to our cupcakes … We just loved doing this birthday display for one of our customers… and who said that because is vegan have to look “healthy” or “not kid friendly” … think again! (everything below is vegan!)

And we also celebrate Earth’s Day with many vegan cupcakes at the Epic Hotel Residences in Brickell,

And our great new intern Angela,

I am busy, and when people ask how do I do it, I just don’t know what to say… I just do it !… thinking about them, my inspiration

🙂 And for all of you who ask… yes I do it all, I am the one that answer the phones, send you the invoices, bake, decorate and sometimes make deliveries and take care of those beautiful babies you see on the pictures,

So everytime you think you cannot take any other thing on your workload …just find your true inspiration I guarantee you that will keep you going,



PD – Please place your Mother’s Day orders with time. We are going to have a beautiful flower-cupcake display for that day.

Pics follow soon!



1 Mar

And it’s gone, February it’s gone… so fast, and so many things that happened,

New faces, new friends, new places, new customers… one of the busiest months so far since I started this company.

I am thankful  for that, I am still struggling with the problems of a small business owner, but with hope, dreaming of a new and better future for us and for this … my fourth baby… Bunnie Cakes,

Here is February, in images …

We received the month with a visit from Grandpa, he came all the way from Tampa to see us, and we spent a beautiful sunday afternoon together.

And while the boys were playing Amelie was loved…. oh so much loved,

we couldn’t stop looking at her,

And daddy came back home from his trip, (and his heart melted with Amelie and her bear outfit)

And that day we hit the food truck scene, a new culture of street food vendors and family gatherings that we found very welcoming.

And we placed our cupcakes inside Dolci Pecatti, met some wonderful new friends and sold tons of cupcakes and gelato.

While the boys were desperate to get out of their double stroller ..

And Valentine’s day came and we were booked and full with orders,

I baked day and night, made deliveries, answered phone calls, etc etc… but along with the stress I  met wonderful new customers, and baked some beautiful cupcakes that I am sure made some people very happy.

And my daughter dressed accordingly to the festivity with her red hearted thighs,

Next day Noah taught her about the colors and sounds of the bouncing toy,

And while they were playing, mommy made some Toy Story vegan Cupcakes,

And vegan cupcakes with princesses …

And a Rainbow Brite allergy free cake for a girl that never had a cake on her birthday,

And Superbowl Cupcakes…

And many other cakes and cupcakes….

And after working so hard, we went to the kite festival at Halouver beach,

where Amelie wore her swimsuit for the first time ( along with her sunglasses)

And the boys enjoyed the kites ( …and the ipad when they got bored of the kites)

And Amelie went on board the gelato food truck to help our friend Nati and her twin Stefani to sell more gelato 🙂

And as the day was gone, we watched the sunset and headed home, thankful for having great friends, and a beautiful weather.

And to finish this month we celebrated Noah’s second birthday,

And our vegan cake pops made their debut… ( and were very successful!)

and here we were, blowing the candles for Noah’s second birthday, with our family and friends, sharing the end of this month… a short one, but very busy and full of good surprises…



Cupcakes of the week and learning to be patience

28 Jul

I wanted to share this post with you yesterday but became mission impossible with the kids. We had some accidents with potty training and went back to training pants… but we are giving Luke his time to develop as his own pace.

We also had a great event on sunday afternoon, we met great people and felt in love with the Gyrotonics machines ( please see pictures below) … the food was delicious as always and our cupcakes were a hit…

The rest of the week has been pretty stressful… not only orders, standing and working in the kitchen for long hours, but also  bills, potty training, meals, laundry, medical appointments and getting everything ready for the baby has taken my patience to the limit in several opportunities.

So I decided that my mantra this week is:

Breathing in, I calm my body. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment. I know this is a wonderful moment.

And this excerpt that I copied from one of my facebook friends ( translated from spanish):

‘Lo contrario del amor es el miedo… con el amor te expandes, con el miedo te encojes, con el miedo te cierras, con el amor te abres. Con el miedo dudas, con el amor aceptas’

‘The contrary of love is fear… with love you expand, with fear you shrink, with fear you close your soul, with love you open it. With fear you doubt, with love you accept’

Here is my week, in pics…




6" Vegan Strawberry Cake with Chocolate frosting

Vegan Choco Chips and Cookies No Cream

Vegan Strawberry, Choco Chips, Very Vanilla, Double Chocolate

Vegan Cookies No Cream, Very Vanilla, Double Chocolate, Chocolate

Box ready !

Another... 6" Vegan Strawberry cake with Chocolate Frosting

Vegan Mini Strawberry Shortcake

Vegan Minis for a one year old little girl

The Gyrotonics Class

The Gyrotonic Studio

Cupcake display


A close up

Happy with cupcakes

The winner of our raffle

Delicious Food from Juice and Java

Quinoa Salad ... Yum!

Angie & Chris from Juice and Java

Me eating the cupcakes as always

Great people, great food, great dessert... A lovely afternoon

Cupcakes of … last week and CW casting :) Yay!

23 Jul

Hi there !

We have been soooo busy these past weeks… and the fact that I am getting closer to my due date is making things harder for us.

Yesterday I was baking and working in the kitchen for 9 straight hours non stop. Today I was literally dragging my feet, my belly is huuuuuge ( I will try to post pregnancy pics later ) and the fact that I have to stand for so many hours is killing me!

Erick has been very helpful with the kids. This week for the first time Luke actually told me he needed to go potty, I was so excited ! next day I put his “big kid” underwear, but he pee and poo everywhere around the house, why the step back? not sure… but I will keep trying.

Despite all the craziness I managed to take some pictures of some of the cupcakes we have done this past week and also shoot and edited a video for our audition in Cupcake Wars 2nd season! Yay! we are so excited!

I received a phone call last week from the casting director, they did a pre-interview on the phone and request a video !… here it is… my wonderful husband put it together for us while I baked countless hours in the kitchen.

Hope you enjoy it and cross your fingers!



Hope to see everyone there !

Here I leave you with some of last week cupcake pics…



Noah loves red velvets

I love how he eats mini cupcakes ❤


My second red velvet

So many cupcakes, so little time...

Bunnie Cakes @ South Beach

Dulce No Leche is one of our favorites!

PB chocolate ? YUmm!

Cupcakes of the Week … y que viva Espana!

12 Jul

A few orders this week, a crazy pool day with the kids and husband in the middle of the week and finally friday we picked up the stuff in our office to start painting Amelie’s room.

I also found the time to plant flower seeds to have my little plant ready when Amelie is born. I forgot the name of the flower (  I have been very.. extremely forgetful and hormonal lately) … but well …I accomplished some goals that needed to be done,

Besides my regular crazy cravings ( this week was donuts ! … that make me think seriously in introducing them to our menu) …pregnancy has been good, of course my legs are getting very tired because I am standing for long hours, but we are doing pretty good.

Today we celebrate Spain world cup win. We were cuddling at home and watching the game. I was very happy for Spain! , I couldn’t talk to my brother who lives in Valencia Spain but I can’t wait to call him tomorrow and hear all the crazy party stories.

Let me leave you with the cupcakes of the week for now,



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Vegan Very Pink Vanilla

Vegan Red Velvet Love

ALL VEGAN-Guava-Cookies No Cream-Very Vanilla-Mango

Vegan Guava-Inside View

Vegan Choco Fudge

Vegan cupcakes ...Ready for Sobe

Vegan PB/ Chocolate ... ( Choco cake, filled with pb, pb frosting glazed w choco ganache)

12" Vegan Strawberry Banana

Vegan Carrot with Raspberry on top

I love these

A dozen Vegan Carrot Cupcakes please!

Vegan Choco Chips Cupcakes

Vegan Choco Chips Dozen... Ready!

Our Summer Pool

my 3 little kids having fun

Hi Mommy !

Guys picking up mangoes

Erick giving the grasshopper some mango

Planting for Amelie (Wanted to do w/ boys but of course pool was more fun)

Noah- I love you!- So much!

Crazy little guys- I love you!

It’s Mango Season!

6 Jul

This week I decided to do something about the 3 million mangoes I have in my kitchen.

My backyard’s tree is giving us so many! I decided to do one of my abuela’s recipe yesterday: Mango Crisp (o Crispeta de Mango in spanish) … of course my version is completely veganized and very simple to do.

Here is the recipe:


Mango Filling:

7 large peeled and sliced mangoes

1/2 cup cane sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

3 tbsp lime juice


1 cup all purpose unbleached all purpose flour

1 cup cane sugar

1/2 cup dry soy milk

150 gr Earth Balance ( approx. 1 stick and a half or 1/2 cup+1/4 cup)

Pinch of nutmeg ( This is optional as the original recipe does not have this ingredient)

1/4 cup of macadamia nuts ( This is optional too)


Put the mangos on pan at low heat with the sugar, lime juice and cinnamon for 10 minutes.

Mangos, sugar, cinnamon, lime juice

Meanwhile mixed with a fork or your hands the earth balance, flour, sugar, dry soy milk, nutmeg and nuts. Do not overmix, you want to create the crumble pieces that will be on top of the filling.Turn on the oven at 350 degrees.

Here is the crumble ready but...

I decided to add the nutmeg and the macadamia nuts. I love the combination.

Once the mangos are ready put them on an 8X8 glass baking dish and let them cool down.

Put the Crumble mix on top of the mangos and in the oven for approx. 20-25 minutes or until the crust is gold.

Ready to bake

ok at this point my mouth was watering… but please let it cool down a little bit before eating it.

I grabbed my non-dairy vanilla ice cream and …

… yes I ate all that portion 🙂

Of course I also made my seasonal mango cupcakes… The filling is a mango compote with macadamia ( I liked the combination of flavors I got with the crisp) and it came out EXCELLENT!, enjoy the pics!



Mango Cupcake


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Morningside Residents!

6 Jul

I am so happy to announce that we were featured in the July edition of the morningside magazine 🙂

This month we are offering all morningside neighboors a 15% off the total order and free delivery!

Give me a call at 786.268.9790 or email me at mari@bunniecakes.com to place your order.

And if you do not live in morningside… please remember that we have our giveaway of one dozen cupcakes ending this sunday July 11th … just tell us what is your favorite cupcake flavor here

Love xo


Magazine Front Cover


Article 1st page

2nd page

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