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Art and Rainbow Colors Bday Party

8 Sep

As many of you might know I am obsessed with rainbow tie dye stuff.

This year we celebrated my daughter’s first year and my oldest son 4th year birthday party.

He is an artist, there is nothing that he enjoys more than to paint, draw, create, decorate.

and my little princess Amelie is my rainbow, she is all happy and smiles every single minute of the day.

Since they were born in the same month I created a rainbow-art birthday party for both of them.

I love loveee everything how it came out. Including my masterpiece the rainbow tie dye gluten-free cake…








And we are BACK!

22 Jan


” To live with things and not in front of them, to no longer watch, but to realize that we are part of everything we see – this is the love that keep us moving back into wholeness when divided”

Mark Nepo

And I am back.

I feel it has been sooooooo long since I wrote last time, I don’t even know where to start.

I have been through so much these past months. Today after debating myself between laying in bed while Amelie sleeps or sitting down in front of the computer …. I sat and downloaded my past two and a half months in pictures,

And as Mark Nepo beautifully narrates in his book … I realized I was not longer watching but growing with every experience to the wholeness of this family,

So were you wondering what we were doing all this time, let my camera and my pics narrate that to you…

I fell in love with my daughter every morning…


And stared at her while she discovered new colors, shapes and sounds…

And our big boy started a new school …

And we had a great School Xmas Party 

Where Amelie found a new boyfriend ( who was completely in love with her outfit that day)

And we made some gingerbread men puppets…

In the meanwhile, we also decorated our house, and added the third boot this year for princess Amelie

And we added Amelie’s ornament to our tree 

    We opened presents that Santa brought us 

    And spent Christmas day watching Xmas movies 

    And Noah learned how to introduce his sister.. “A N E L E E E ” 

    And she became a delicious chunky baby 

    And somehow I managed to make some homemade applesauce for her…

    that she loved ❤


    And many many many cupcakes… (even tough this little guy swiped tons of them)

    And a beautiful wedding display…

    And many many many cakes … (here are a few)

    And as I see my life these past months I know I have become a better and a more human person. I am busy, but I accept this busy time in life with love. Today while talking to my husband (who btw has been away for 2 weeks for work) … I realized that everything that I dreamed have come in the right moment and will come in the right moment. Meanwhile I will keep living with things and not in front of them… 

    xo Mari

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    La llegada de Amelie. (Amelie’s arrival)

    26 Oct

    [“Breathing in I calm my body, breathing out I smile, dwelling on the present moment, I know this is a wonderful moment]”

    [“Respiro y calmo mi cuerpo, exhalo y sonrio, reteniendo el momento presente, se que este momemnto es maravilloso”]

    Del libro Living Buddha, Living Christ… Thich Nhat Hanh

    Estas aqui conmigo, estas aqui en mi corazon. Solo con levantarme y verte a mi lado se que tome la mejor decision, mi Amelie… Bienvenida.

    Nunca espere estar embarazada por tercera vez. Pero estoy aqui para ti, estoy segura que naci para aprender de ti, para aprender a ser madre. No hemos tenido el modelo de familia perfecto,  pero eso en mi mundo no es lo importante. Nada importa excepto el estar aqui. Dios esta conmigo, y estamos en esta situacion porque es la mejor. Aprendo de ti dia a dia, gracias por llegar a mi lado. Gracias por llegar a mi vida. Bienvenida.

    Cupcakes of the last 2 weeks… and Luke’s 3rd Birthday! :)

    17 Aug

    Hi there !

    Last week didn’t get a chance to post or take many pictures but today somehow I got the time and the energy to do it.
    I am 37 weeks pregnant and ready to have Amelie! I was ordered last week by the Dr. to be on bed rest until my 38 week, for me that was a joke. When you are a mother of 2 toddlers and trying to run a company … bed rest is mission impossible.
    I wanted to thank all the people who participated in our giveaway for giving me some great advice for books and Congratulations to our winner Carolyn! . 🙂
    Here are some pictures of our work plus Luke Birthday’s party this past Saturday.
    Enjoy xo

    6 " Vegan Strawberry

    Vegan Guava for Baby Shower

    Vegan Key Lime with Toasted Coconut

    Vegan Double Chocolate with Strawberry on Top

    Tie Dye Cupcakes

    Tie Dye Cupcakes

    Mini Vegan Red Velvet

    Vegan choco chips minis with raspberry on top

    Luke's Birthday Decorations (all handmade by Mommy)

    Bday Wubzy Cupcakes

    I made the hats with WholeFoods paper bags

    Ready to sign Happy Birthday

    Family Pic!

    Cupcakes of the Week … y que viva Espana!

    12 Jul

    A few orders this week, a crazy pool day with the kids and husband in the middle of the week and finally friday we picked up the stuff in our office to start painting Amelie’s room.

    I also found the time to plant flower seeds to have my little plant ready when Amelie is born. I forgot the name of the flower (  I have been very.. extremely forgetful and hormonal lately) … but well …I accomplished some goals that needed to be done,

    Besides my regular crazy cravings ( this week was donuts ! … that make me think seriously in introducing them to our menu) …pregnancy has been good, of course my legs are getting very tired because I am standing for long hours, but we are doing pretty good.

    Today we celebrate Spain world cup win. We were cuddling at home and watching the game. I was very happy for Spain! , I couldn’t talk to my brother who lives in Valencia Spain but I can’t wait to call him tomorrow and hear all the crazy party stories.

    Let me leave you with the cupcakes of the week for now,



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    Vegan Very Pink Vanilla

    Vegan Red Velvet Love

    ALL VEGAN-Guava-Cookies No Cream-Very Vanilla-Mango

    Vegan Guava-Inside View

    Vegan Choco Fudge

    Vegan cupcakes ...Ready for Sobe

    Vegan PB/ Chocolate ... ( Choco cake, filled with pb, pb frosting glazed w choco ganache)

    12" Vegan Strawberry Banana

    Vegan Carrot with Raspberry on top

    I love these

    A dozen Vegan Carrot Cupcakes please!

    Vegan Choco Chips Cupcakes

    Vegan Choco Chips Dozen... Ready!

    Our Summer Pool

    my 3 little kids having fun

    Hi Mommy !

    Guys picking up mangoes

    Erick giving the grasshopper some mango

    Planting for Amelie (Wanted to do w/ boys but of course pool was more fun)

    Noah- I love you!- So much!

    Crazy little guys- I love you!

    Father’s Day

    22 Jun

    Hello everyone!

    I hope that everyone enjoyed father’s day. To be a father is not an easy task,it is a hard but wonderful experience.

    I am greateful because I know my dad has been for me an example to follow. Of course life goes up and down and sometimes we have been in more than an argument but I know my parents are my foundation, they have given me the tools to build who I am right now.

    Me and my Dad

    Yesterday, I missed him. I wanted to tell him that I love him and that he has been the best father in the world. I called him before we went to lunch and also talked with my grandfather. I missed them so much. Yesterday I missed my family so much, it is not the same to share your life, your everyday experiences through a phone… it is not the same.

    But my other exceptional daddy was waiting for me … My husband and family were waiting for me. We went to Sakaya Kitchen in Midtown Miami and yes Erick was right… food was excellent. Even though I can only have the green salad and the jazmine rice ( there are no other vegetarian options on the menu), everything I ate was excellent. Erick and my in laws were very impressed by the food too. It became one of our favorites restaurants .

    Green Salad and Jazmine Rice

    Good Ambiance too

    Then we came back home and relax and even though I didn’t and couldn’t get any gift for Erick he was grateful to have us… isn’t he the greatest dad? I am thankful for him to be the father of my kids and as I told him yesterday… He is the best dad in the world for these 3 souls.

    Hope you enjoyed your day too,



    Erick and Noah

    Erick and Luke

    Erick and the boys

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