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Art and Rainbow Colors Bday Party

8 Sep

As many of you might know I am obsessed with rainbow tie dye stuff.

This year we celebrated my daughter’s first year and my oldest son 4th year birthday party.

He is an artist, there is nothing that he enjoys more than to paint, draw, create, decorate.

and my little princess Amelie is my rainbow, she is all happy and smiles every single minute of the day.

Since they were born in the same month I created a rainbow-art birthday party for both of them.

I love loveee everything how it came out. Including my masterpiece the rainbow tie dye gluten-free cake…








We are alive!

21 Jul

Yes, We are! … I have been trying to get something up in the past months … but course there was no even a minute extra to do anything else but kids, cakes, cupcakes and deliveries,

because we are growing, we are busy and sometimes overwhelmed. So if you are our friend, family, new customer please understand that we love you all but we are going to very busy times with our babies, company, and work and we are learning how to manage our day efficiently.

Anyways, here are our past 3 months, enjoy them ❤

A vegan princess cake birthday

Our own princess Amelie ❤

That got cutter by the minute

An Allergy Free Cake for Barton G

And Happy Bday cupcakes for a friend

A cute Circus Cake ❤

and more birthday cupcakes for lolo

and Chipi ❤

And these cupcakes where for a party where our pregnant friend was going to find out the sex of the baby. The filling either ( blue or pink ) was going to be the surprise... I love this idea ❤

And I love this pic taken at 3 AM after a bottle of champagne and wine to celebrate that one of my best friends was in town after 2 years... I love this pic and this girl ❤

And this one was taken that same night... ( location : my kitchen)

And a happy bday for daddy

Luke creating his own puppet show

While sitting in his 1st art exhibition

And I love her legs, she is delicious ❤

She is super delicious! ... enjoy your summertime ❤


29 Apr

And yes I am B U S Y… and if I though February was our busiest month, I have no idea of what was coming.
I started this year with my regular with 3 wholesale accounts, as of today I have 10, and many new clients and customers that have become part of our Bunnie Cakes family and personal friends.
So now my mornings look something like this everyday,

From making 200-300 cupcakes a week, our production grew to 300-400 cupcakes a day,

With that said, I got some new help; a wonderful intern who is graduating to be pastry chef and of course my children, specially Noah who always proceed to make his quality control checks ups on the cupcakes,

We celebrate St Patrick’s Day with our drunk green cupcake,

And our favorite food truck Dolci Pecatti, sold many cupcakes and the best gelato in Miami period ( please go and try them, I guarantee you will like every single flavor in their menu… ask for sorbets if you want a vegan option! )

Some cute cakes flew out our doors,

And our daughter became Miss little Bunnie Cakes, because I just can’t stop buying cupcake or bunny related outfits ( She is herself a mini cupcake … delicious!)

And back to our cupcakes … We just loved doing this birthday display for one of our customers… and who said that because is vegan have to look “healthy” or “not kid friendly” … think again! (everything below is vegan!)

And we also celebrate Earth’s Day with many vegan cupcakes at the Epic Hotel Residences in Brickell,

And our great new intern Angela,

I am busy, and when people ask how do I do it, I just don’t know what to say… I just do it !… thinking about them, my inspiration

🙂 And for all of you who ask… yes I do it all, I am the one that answer the phones, send you the invoices, bake, decorate and sometimes make deliveries and take care of those beautiful babies you see on the pictures,

So everytime you think you cannot take any other thing on your workload …just find your true inspiration I guarantee you that will keep you going,



PD – Please place your Mother’s Day orders with time. We are going to have a beautiful flower-cupcake display for that day.

Pics follow soon!

Halloween Weekend

1 Nov

Hi there!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! … Here are some of the recent pics of our work as well as Amelie’s first Halloween as a Pumpkin Princess, Noah as Yoda and Luke ( who had a nice cowboy costume but decided not to wear it and refused to get dressed)… I guess he was a stripper? Pics below,




8" Vegan Vanilla-Vanilla

Peter Rabbit Vegan Carrot Cupcakes

Mini Vegan Guava Cupcakes for Baby Shower Favors

Cute Mini Vegan Cupcake Favors


Breast Cancer Awareness Event


Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Vegan Strawberry with Chocolate Ganache YUMMM!

Vegan Dulce NO leche, Carrot, Guava

8" Cake. Vegan Coconut-Vanilla

Our Halloween Pumpkin Princess

Noah as Yoda

Yoda and the stripper?

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween ! xo