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Art and Rainbow Colors Bday Party

8 Sep

As many of you might know I am obsessed with rainbow tie dye stuff.

This year we celebrated my daughter’s first year and my oldest son 4th year birthday party.

He is an artist, there is nothing that he enjoys more than to paint, draw, create, decorate.

and my little princess Amelie is my rainbow, she is all happy and smiles every single minute of the day.

Since they were born in the same month I created a rainbow-art birthday party for both of them.

I love loveee everything how it came out. Including my masterpiece the rainbow tie dye gluten-free cake…








Cupcakes of the week and a NEW GIVEAWAY!

3 Aug

I started this week with a very positive attitude and new way to enjoy life.

Last week was crazy busy and I lost my patience in several opportunities. Since I am very hormonal my first reaction is to freak out and think the worst, we have been through a lot ( financially and emotionally) during this pregnancy… and now that is getting close to an end is a combination of exhaustion and fear, to a new beginning, a new responsability, a new life.

But there is no fear this week… our love for each other is what is stopping this fear and giving us the strength,

So now that we are in this positive energy vibe… I want to invite you to another giveaway! … Just comment on this post below and tell us what is the most inspirational book you have read!  Please also become our fan on facebook HERE OR follow us on Twitter HERE. Giveaway will end August 13, 2010 12 pm… and you will win ONE dozen regular size cupcakes with your favorite 2 flavors. Good Luck everyone!

Here are the week in pics…( sorry not a lot, couldn’t keep up with taking pictures)



Vegan double chocolate, red velvet, cookies no cream, very vanilla

THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN WIN! One dozen regular size vegan cupcakes ( these are double chocolate and red velvet... YUM!)

You have a chance to win this! Just comment below! U will love them!

Mini Vegan Brownies ... DELICIOUS!

Have you tried our dulce NO leche cupcake? It is a MUST try... It has become a customer favorite!

I am going to need an assistant soon ... can't keep up with cupcakes and taking pictures 😦

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Cupcakes of the week

28 Jun

Hi everyone!

I do not know if this week’s full moon have some influence in my behavior, but I have been feeling very hormonal and emotional lately. I am almost 30 weeks pregnant and already feeling really tired and sensitive to everything.

We enrolled the kids in swimming classes and have been taking them every day of the week, they have so much fun… but Erick and I realized that we can teach them how to swim without paying for the classes. I think it is just a waste of money.. so from now we will add another tittle to our list… We are swimming teachers. We are planning to take them to the pool facility that is on the park right next to our house and we will just pay $1 to use the pool. Let’s see how it goes.

I created a new flavor this week ( Dulce No leche). I was really excited once it was done because it took me some time to make the vegan ‘dulce de leche’ and to achieve the consistency that I wanted.

And… I also lost my Iphone wich left me completely devasted. I loved that phone, not only because I do everything with it but because it had many memories on it ( and of course they were not all backed up in my computer) besides the fact that now we need to come up with another expense that we were not expecting. -sigh-

For all the customers that have been calling me directly to my cellphone at 305 546 5398 please call our office number at 786 268 9790 and leave your message that we will return your calls as soon as possible.

For now let me leave you with this week’s best pics of our cupcakes !

Enjoy ~


A mini vegan cupcake filled with guava? mmmm delicious!

Mini Vegan Brownies

One of my Fav! Mini Cookies No Cream

12" Allergy Free Vanilla Ginger cake with Choco Frosting

Very Vanilla ready to be delivered

Cake ready to be delivered

Pledge of Purity 🙂

These minis are ready for me to be decorated and look pretty ❤

Fresh Summer Organic Vegan Strawberry Cupcakes YuM!

Couldn't resist to take a bite 🙂

Strawberries ready to be delivered

Vegan Vanilla Ginger

Double Chocolate .. Ready !

The star of the week: Dulce No Leche cupcakes

Peace Chocolate Minis

Very Vanilla Love

Peace + Love = Bunnie Cakes

Vegan Minis in Aventura

New display in Aventura

Cupcakes for my friend Cristian... Vamos Argentina!

Cookies No cream, Chocolate, Vanilla and Choco Chips

My 30 weeks pregnancy cravings...

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Cupcakes of the Week- Welcome Summer!

20 Jun

Hi everyone ! Happy father’s day to all daddys out there!

We had lunch with daddy and grandpa ( will post tomorrow our father’s day pics) and came back home to relax.

This week I created  a new flavor plus added our typical summer flavors like raspberry pink lemonade. ( Lemon-Lime cake with Lime- Raspberry frosting topped with a fresh raspberry!)

We also created a custom design with our handmade almond paste for a fun bachelorette party in South Beach and other things that were been delivered and did not have the time to take the appropiate pics 😦 … for now here are some of our work this week,



6 " allergy free choco chips

Assorted Vegan Minis ( Double Choco, Very Vanilla, Guava )

Mini Vegan Brownies

Cookies No Cream and Very Berry

Mini Cookies No Cream

MMm Double Chocolate

Bachelorette vegan customized cupcakes made with homemade almond paste

Bachelorette customized cupcakes with homemade almond paste

Bachelorette Party 6" vegan red velvet with non dairy cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Fudge ( Chocolate cake filled with chocolate fudge, vegan vanilla frosting and dark chocolate ganache)

Pink Raspberry Lemonade ... Excellent Summer Flavor !

Pink Raspberry Lemonade

Our new flavor! Dark Chocolate Mint

Our New flavor !

Choco Fudge-Pink Raspberry Lemonade-Dark Choco Mint

Summer Vegan Cupcakes 😉

Hope you enjoyed your father's day cupcakes 🙂

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Cupcakes of the week

14 Jun

Hi there !

Here are some pictures of our baking week. We introduced a new item to our menu this week with very good reviews… Vegan brownies 🙂 and has been experimenting with other things too ( I want to keep it as a surprise)… Hope to have something ready soon to let you know!

For now here we are, another cupcake week for us !



So many cupcakes ! aww !

Vegan Carrot, a customer favorite 🙂

Our regular vegan minis in South Beach

Cute and healthy dessert

Cupcakes ready for a wedding

6" allergy free double chocolate

6" GF Vegan Choco Chips Birthday Cake

Mini Vegan Brownies

Our vegan brownies in Juice and Java South Beach

We end up our week dinning at Lincoln Rd

Boys eating pizza

Human Sculpture in South Beach

Almost 90 degrees and with that costume? I admire her !

Oh Yes Vegan Brownies are here !

9 Jun

Hi everyone!

2 weeks ago I started experimenting baking vegan brownies, I made a couple of batches and they have come out really… reallyyyy good!

Here are some pictures … They will be available tomorrow at Juice and Java South Beach and by special request. For your order please cal 786-268-9790 or email me Minis are sold for $1.50 each, minimun order of a dozen ($18). Regular Round brownies are $4.50 each, minimun order of 4 ($18). They are made with organic cocoa powder and full of vegan choco chips.



Heart Shaped Mini Vegan Organic Brownies

Heart Shaped Mini Organic Vegan Brownies ❤ Cute !

Cute !

Vegan Round Brownie.. Heaven!

Vegan Round Brownie

Vegan Organic Brownies ... Package of 4 $18

Vegan Organic Round Brownie. Package of 4.

Believe me they are delicious!

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