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Art and Rainbow Colors Bday Party

8 Sep

As many of you might know I am obsessed with rainbow tie dye stuff.

This year we celebrated my daughter’s first year and my oldest son 4th year birthday party.

He is an artist, there is nothing that he enjoys more than to paint, draw, create, decorate.

and my little princess Amelie is my rainbow, she is all happy and smiles every single minute of the day.

Since they were born in the same month I created a rainbow-art birthday party for both of them.

I love loveee everything how it came out. Including my masterpiece the rainbow tie dye gluten-free cake…








And we are BACK!

22 Jan


” To live with things and not in front of them, to no longer watch, but to realize that we are part of everything we see – this is the love that keep us moving back into wholeness when divided”

Mark Nepo

And I am back.

I feel it has been sooooooo long since I wrote last time, I don’t even know where to start.

I have been through so much these past months. Today after debating myself between laying in bed while Amelie sleeps or sitting down in front of the computer …. I sat and downloaded my past two and a half months in pictures,

And as Mark Nepo beautifully narrates in his book … I realized I was not longer watching but growing with every experience to the wholeness of this family,

So were you wondering what we were doing all this time, let my camera and my pics narrate that to you…

I fell in love with my daughter every morning…


And stared at her while she discovered new colors, shapes and sounds…

And our big boy started a new school …

And we had a great School Xmas Party 

Where Amelie found a new boyfriend ( who was completely in love with her outfit that day)

And we made some gingerbread men puppets…

In the meanwhile, we also decorated our house, and added the third boot this year for princess Amelie

And we added Amelie’s ornament to our tree 

    We opened presents that Santa brought us 

    And spent Christmas day watching Xmas movies 

    And Noah learned how to introduce his sister.. “A N E L E E E ” 

    And she became a delicious chunky baby 

    And somehow I managed to make some homemade applesauce for her…

    that she loved ❤


    And many many many cupcakes… (even tough this little guy swiped tons of them)

    And a beautiful wedding display…

    And many many many cakes … (here are a few)

    And as I see my life these past months I know I have become a better and a more human person. I am busy, but I accept this busy time in life with love. Today while talking to my husband (who btw has been away for 2 weeks for work) … I realized that everything that I dreamed have come in the right moment and will come in the right moment. Meanwhile I will keep living with things and not in front of them… 

    xo Mari

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    Halloween Weekend

    1 Nov

    Hi there!

    Hope everyone had a great Halloween! … Here are some of the recent pics of our work as well as Amelie’s first Halloween as a Pumpkin Princess, Noah as Yoda and Luke ( who had a nice cowboy costume but decided not to wear it and refused to get dressed)… I guess he was a stripper? Pics below,




    8" Vegan Vanilla-Vanilla

    Peter Rabbit Vegan Carrot Cupcakes

    Mini Vegan Guava Cupcakes for Baby Shower Favors

    Cute Mini Vegan Cupcake Favors


    Breast Cancer Awareness Event


    Breast Cancer Awareness Event

    Vegan Strawberry with Chocolate Ganache YUMMM!

    Vegan Dulce NO leche, Carrot, Guava

    8" Cake. Vegan Coconut-Vanilla

    Our Halloween Pumpkin Princess

    Noah as Yoda

    Yoda and the stripper?

    Hope you enjoyed your Halloween ! xo

    Join us July 25th for a day of healthy food, Gyrotonics training and Vegan Cupcakes

    15 Jun

    We are having a huge event on July 25th to celebrate wellness and healthy eating!

    Gyrotonics South Beach along with Juice and Java, Bunnie Cakes and movement through Rehab will be celebrating an open house in their beautiful studio in South Beach.

    We are going to have free sample food from Juice and Java, free vegan cupcakes from Bunnie Cakes, a free Gyrotonics class at 5:30 pm,  live music and at 7 pm we will have our movement through rehab.

    This day promises to be amazing, come and share this wonderful experience on how to exercise, eat, and have sweets the healthy way… On Sunday July 25th at 5:30 pm 🙂

    Gyrotonics South Beach Studio

    Gyrotonics South Beach Studio

    Gyrotonics South Beach Studio

    Juice and Java South Beach

    Bunnie Cakes Vegan Cupcakes

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    Father’s Day Cupcakes

    14 Jun

    Hi everyone!

    Here some cute cupcakes I am doing for father’s day 🙂

    For all my readers, just comment on this post and we will give you 15% of your father’s day order. Just choose the flavor, size and quantity and place your order by phone or email.

    (Remember to mention your name and this post when placing your order so I can give you the discount.)

    Here are the pics!  Let’s give daddy some cuteness!

    Dad Caps

    Double Chocolate for daddy

    Celebrate Father's Day with Vegan Cupcakes

    For a special daddy

    Peace, Love and Bunnie Cakes

    11 May

    This post was originally added to my facebook page on February this year… ❤

    My first wedding was all about the 60’s, peace signs, beach location, love and many cupcakes… I decided to share it with you since this was like a mini challenge for me. There have been a lot of recent changes in my life and new responsibilities added to my daily routine, besides the fact that it was on one of the busiest weekend of the year for me … Valentine’s Day.. lots of work.. enjoy the pics!

    and I started baking….

    Choco Chips…

    Pink lemonade…

    Very Vanilla…

    Red Velvet …


    and Cookie Dough!

    The Final Display….

    I spent almost 2 days putting together this display as well as making the final touches. Everything was handmade, they are all fabric petals with 60’s buttons and appliques … the bride and the bridesmaid bouquets were made also with these fabric flowers.

    The wedding was being filmed by TLC as a part of a new series called: Four Weddings… I hope they look cute on TV :/

    I was a little nervous watching them filmed my cupcake display

    Oopps I almost forgot we also had vegan gluten free chocolate chip cookies!

    Howww cute were these? …

    beautiful sunset While leaving Key Biscayne I had to stop to take pictures of this sunset… Beautiful! !

    and thanks to my friend Keyla who help me put this project together !