We are alive!

21 Jul

Yes, We are! … I have been trying to get something up in the past months … but course there was no even a minute extra to do anything else but kids, cakes, cupcakes and deliveries,

because we are growing, we are busy and sometimes overwhelmed. So if you are our friend, family, new customer please understand that we love you all but we are going to very busy times with our babies, company, and work and we are learning how to manage our day efficiently.

Anyways, here are our past 3 months, enjoy them ❤

A vegan princess cake birthday

Our own princess Amelie ❤

That got cutter by the minute

An Allergy Free Cake for Barton G

And Happy Bday cupcakes for a friend

A cute Circus Cake ❤

and more birthday cupcakes for lolo

and Chipi ❤

And these cupcakes where for a party where our pregnant friend was going to find out the sex of the baby. The filling either ( blue or pink ) was going to be the surprise... I love this idea ❤

And I love this pic taken at 3 AM after a bottle of champagne and wine to celebrate that one of my best friends was in town after 2 years... I love this pic and this girl ❤

And this one was taken that same night... ( location : my kitchen)

And a happy bday for daddy

Luke creating his own puppet show

While sitting in his 1st art exhibition

And I love her legs, she is delicious ❤

She is super delicious! ... enjoy your summertime ❤


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