1 Mar

And it’s gone, February it’s gone… so fast, and so many things that happened,

New faces, new friends, new places, new customers… one of the busiest months so far since I started this company.

I am thankful  for that, I am still struggling with the problems of a small business owner, but with hope, dreaming of a new and better future for us and for this … my fourth baby… Bunnie Cakes,

Here is February, in images …

We received the month with a visit from Grandpa, he came all the way from Tampa to see us, and we spent a beautiful sunday afternoon together.

And while the boys were playing Amelie was loved…. oh so much loved,

we couldn’t stop looking at her,

And daddy came back home from his trip, (and his heart melted with Amelie and her bear outfit)

And that day we hit the food truck scene, a new culture of street food vendors and family gatherings that we found very welcoming.

And we placed our cupcakes inside Dolci Pecatti, met some wonderful new friends and sold tons of cupcakes and gelato.

While the boys were desperate to get out of their double stroller ..

And Valentine’s day came and we were booked and full with orders,

I baked day and night, made deliveries, answered phone calls, etc etc… but along with the stress I  met wonderful new customers, and baked some beautiful cupcakes that I am sure made some people very happy.

And my daughter dressed accordingly to the festivity with her red hearted thighs,

Next day Noah taught her about the colors and sounds of the bouncing toy,

And while they were playing, mommy made some Toy Story vegan Cupcakes,

And vegan cupcakes with princesses …

And a Rainbow Brite allergy free cake for a girl that never had a cake on her birthday,

And Superbowl Cupcakes…

And many other cakes and cupcakes….

And after working so hard, we went to the kite festival at Halouver beach,

where Amelie wore her swimsuit for the first time ( along with her sunglasses)

And the boys enjoyed the kites ( …and the ipad when they got bored of the kites)

And Amelie went on board the gelato food truck to help our friend Nati and her twin Stefani to sell more gelato 🙂

And as the day was gone, we watched the sunset and headed home, thankful for having great friends, and a beautiful weather.

And to finish this month we celebrated Noah’s second birthday,

And our vegan cake pops made their debut… ( and were very successful!)

and here we were, blowing the candles for Noah’s second birthday, with our family and friends, sharing the end of this month… a short one, but very busy and full of good surprises…




3 Responses to “February”

  1. Omar Zafra March 1, 2011 at 10:30 am #

    All the cupcakes, cakes, and “cake pops” look delicious 🙂 you do amazing and delicious work 🙂

  2. Mr. Relax April 29, 2011 at 3:52 am #

    Oh my, I love this blog. Your kids are beautiful!!! Your husband is very handsome…oh lala!!! Your are lucky!

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