Cupcakes of the Week … y que viva Espana!

12 Jul

A few orders this week, a crazy pool day with the kids and husband in the middle of the week and finally friday we picked up the stuff in our office to start painting Amelie’s room.

I also found the time to plant flower seeds to have my little plant ready when Amelie is born. I forgot the name of the flower (  I have been very.. extremely forgetful and hormonal lately) … but well …I accomplished some goals that needed to be done,

Besides my regular crazy cravings ( this week was donuts ! … that make me think seriously in introducing them to our menu) …pregnancy has been good, of course my legs are getting very tired because I am standing for long hours, but we are doing pretty good.

Today we celebrate Spain world cup win. We were cuddling at home and watching the game. I was very happy for Spain! , I couldn’t talk to my brother who lives in Valencia Spain but I can’t wait to call him tomorrow and hear all the crazy party stories.

Let me leave you with the cupcakes of the week for now,



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Vegan Very Pink Vanilla

Vegan Red Velvet Love

ALL VEGAN-Guava-Cookies No Cream-Very Vanilla-Mango

Vegan Guava-Inside View

Vegan Choco Fudge

Vegan cupcakes ...Ready for Sobe

Vegan PB/ Chocolate ... ( Choco cake, filled with pb, pb frosting glazed w choco ganache)

12" Vegan Strawberry Banana

Vegan Carrot with Raspberry on top

I love these

A dozen Vegan Carrot Cupcakes please!

Vegan Choco Chips Cupcakes

Vegan Choco Chips Dozen... Ready!

Our Summer Pool

my 3 little kids having fun

Hi Mommy !

Guys picking up mangoes

Erick giving the grasshopper some mango

Planting for Amelie (Wanted to do w/ boys but of course pool was more fun)

Noah- I love you!- So much!

Crazy little guys- I love you!


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