Father’s Day

22 Jun

Hello everyone!

I hope that everyone enjoyed father’s day. To be a father is not an easy task,it is a hard but wonderful experience.

I am greateful because I know my dad has been for me an example to follow. Of course life goes up and down and sometimes we have been in more than an argument but I know my parents are my foundation, they have given me the tools to build who I am right now.

Me and my Dad

Yesterday, I missed him. I wanted to tell him that I love him and that he has been the best father in the world. I called him before we went to lunch and also talked with my grandfather. I missed them so much. Yesterday I missed my family so much, it is not the same to share your life, your everyday experiences through a phone… it is not the same.

But my other exceptional daddy was waiting for me … My husband and family were waiting for me. We went to Sakaya Kitchen in Midtown Miami and yes Erick was right… food was excellent. Even though I can only have the green salad and the jazmine rice ( there are no other vegetarian options on the menu), everything I ate was excellent. Erick and my in laws were very impressed by the food too. It became one of our favorites restaurants .

Green Salad and Jazmine Rice

Good Ambiance too

Then we came back home and relax and even though I didn’t and couldn’t get any gift for Erick he was grateful to have us… isn’t he the greatest dad? I am thankful for him to be the father of my kids and as I told him yesterday… He is the best dad in the world for these 3 souls.

Hope you enjoyed your day too,



Erick and Noah

Erick and Luke

Erick and the boys

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