NEW Bunnie Cakes Flavor ! Dark Chocolate Mint … Yum!

19 Jun

Hi there!

I was reluctant to try out this flavor but this past week I woke up one day with mint-chocolate cravings? … yes weird…

The cupcake is our typical dutch organic dark chocolate vegan cake but with a hint of fresh mint. The frosting is filled with mynt and topped with dark chocolate ganache and a vegan mint-chocolate cookie.

It has become one of my favorite flavors so far… the combination and textures of the cake and frosting and the cookie it is just plain deliciousness ! ,

Enjoy the pics!

( don’t forget to place order your father’s day cupcakes to enjoy the 15% discount )



Vegan Mint-Chocolate

Cute mini vegan mint-dark chocolate

Red Velvet, Mint-Dark Chocolate and Choco Fudge ... MMMmmmm! Yum! Good choice 😉


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