Oh Yes Vegan Brownies are here !

9 Jun

Hi everyone!

2 weeks ago I started experimenting baking vegan brownies, I made a couple of batches and they have come out really… reallyyyy good!

Here are some pictures … They will be available tomorrow at Juice and Java South Beach and by special request. For your order please cal 786-268-9790 or email me mari@bunniecakes.com. Minis are sold for $1.50 each, minimun order of a dozen ($18). Regular Round brownies are $4.50 each, minimun order of 4 ($18). They are made with organic cocoa powder and full of vegan choco chips.



Heart Shaped Mini Vegan Organic Brownies

Heart Shaped Mini Organic Vegan Brownies ❤ Cute !

Cute !

Vegan Round Brownie.. Heaven!

Vegan Round Brownie

Vegan Organic Brownies ... Package of 4 $18

Vegan Organic Round Brownie. Package of 4.

Believe me they are delicious!

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