Cupcakes of the week

8 Jun

Last week I had some ups and downs, but eventually (as always) I ended my week with a great attitude towards life.

As some of you may know, Bunnie Cakes always uses the best products available and we also have a very high quality control standard. I am always looking for the best local organic ingredients that will make our products stand out from the crowd.  I would like to share with you some of Bunnie Cakes standard guidelines:

– We use organic flours.

– We use fresh organic fruits for our baking and decor.

– We are a 100% egg free, dairy free kitchen. My mixers dislike and hate animal products 🙂

– We are committed to our customers that have extreme food allergies.

– We have enormous pride in making sure parents and kids feel secure that we understand how difficult is for them to find an specialty bakery that cater to their needs. Our “allergy free”  baked goods do not contain the five most common food allergens. We even use separate kitchen utensils to bake our “allergy free” versions.

– We do not add vegan or gluten free products to our menu because it has become a popular trend. We have always been conscious of the way we eat so we cook and bake accordingly. Bunnie Cakes was born out of a mother’s consciousness of creating a healthier dessert for her children.

– We use the best quality of organic Agave and raw cane sugar. We also sweeten our desserts with fruits.

– We do not use honey, even though some people may consider it a “vegan” item.

– We do not use hydrogenated oils or margarine.

– We believe that food is not just a fuel for our body but medicine as well.  Bunnie Cakes has created a dessert that can satisfy your sweet tooth and  be enjoyable without the fat and calories of a processed or sugary dessert.

– We take time to listen to our customers, their suggestions and opinions.  We appreciate the feedback.

– We do not use artificial flavoring.

– We handwrite and handmade any decoration, bows and art that you see on the packaging.

– We take the time to recycle and be green.

– We take time in decorating and customizing our cupcakes and cakes with exceptional attention to detail.

Bunnie Cakes takes pride on every effort made on the completed product.  We work very hard to achieve our goal to offer our customers a healthier but exquisite dessert that they can enjoy on any occasion.

So let me leave you now with some of last week’s cupcakes and cakes.

Enjoy them !



Very Vanilla Cake and Vanilla frosting

Ready to be delivered

Cookies No Cream is one of my favorites !

I ❤ these cupcakes

Vegan Cupcakes in South Beach

A cupcake filled with Guava? yumm ! and vegan? double yummm !

Guava is soo good !

Mini Vegan Red Velvet

Double Choco Chips

NEW FLAVOR!!! Choco Fudge! ( Chocolate cake with choco fudge inside topped with vanilla frosting and more fudge)

Choco Fudge

Choco Fudge in display

NEW FLAVOR!!! Super Berry ( Strawberry cake with filled raspberry and strawberry preserves topped with berry frosting and a raspberry)

This one has become one of my favorite !

Inside view

Very Vanilla how cute are you?

Me and my mini vegan cupcakes ❤


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