Pregnancy Tracker 1

30 May

I decided to take pictures of my belly every week as well as document my weight gain during this pregnancy.

Yesterday I found myself trying to remember what it was when I was 6 months pregnant with Noah and Luke. By that time I was so busy with my full-time office work that I don’t think I even took a picture but when I was having contractions or in my way to the hospital.

So here is how I am going to document it:

1-How many weeks am I?

26 weeks

1- Pic of Belly

2- Weight

125 Pounds ( Since this is my first pregnancy tracker post .. as of FYI my pre pregnancy weight was 110 pounds )

3- Diet

This week  I had a crush on avocados, but generally this week I’ve had

For breakfast: Spelt organic flakes cereal or Kamut organic flakes cereal with unsweetened almond milk or Steel cuts oatmeal with almond milk. Today I made buckwheat pancakes ( I will post recipe and pics later)

For lunch: Grilled tofu with Spinach/Carrot/ Tomato Salad or Avocado and Tomato sandwich or Daiya grilled cheese sandwich or Quinoa pasta with Tomato Sauce.

For Snack: 2 or 3 mini vegan cupcakes, cherries…. and when I had my healthy moods I usually drink my greens.

For Dinner: I have repeated something that I ate for lunch.

Cheating/ cravings items: Milano cookies at night ( I know this throws  away all my vegan diet), French fries from five guys, bites from grilled cheese from five guys :/

4- Exercise

This week besides walking to my backyard and walk around the house, I have not made any extra exercise…  I am trying to train with weights at least twice a week, but the reality is that I have been either too tired or too lazy to train.

So basically what I am doing is trying to follow a 100% vegan diet and cutting acidic foods. I have been a vegetarian for almost 9 years but still haven’t cut my addiction to cheese. Now that Daiya Cheese is available at Whole Foods and I am pretty happy with it. I like the taste and also the fact that melts makes you do great grilled cheese sandwiches … (wich I love)

I am also trying to avoid sugars, generally we do not use any type of refined sugars, we use agave nectar, stevia or brown cane sugar. As far as fruits I am also trying to avoid them.. I eat them just once in a while when I get my sugar high cravings ( I am very obsessed with cherries right now).

I am also drinking at least 2 liter of water everyday and of course taking my prenatal vitamins at night. Even though I feel tired sometimes I am doing very good, I have enough energy to work, take care of two babies and take care of the house chores, by 11 pm of course I am dead. But so far been doing good, Amelie has been very active, she kicks and I think has hiccups when I lay down 🙂

Let’s see how it goes … 14 weeks to go!



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