Erick’s Birthday

24 May

This week was my husband Birthday … I really wanted to give him something special ❤ . Since I enrolled Luke in painting classes once a week I decided to make a painting with the two boys for him.

I bought finger paints, a white poster, some beads I got from Luke’s art teacher and glue…. Once Erick left on thursday afternoon I took the kids to the backyard and I left them run their imagination. What a mess!… but if you have kids I really recommend this activity. They have so much fun, and for me it was a pleasure just watch them enjoy how they discover new textures and new techniques.

Here is our final piece of art…

From Luke, Noah and Amelie 🙂

My love ❤ with his piece of art and a Red Velvet

Eating the red velvet

Why does he always do those faces?

He wanted to go watch Iron Man 2 in IMAX … kids were with grandma… love this date night off with my bday boy 🙂

Always doing those faces !

Our late night dinner

after we had a great time on friday night it was time for us to work again… we made a lot of flavors this weekend… here are some of their pics.Mr Funny

Red Velvet and Strawberry

Vanilla loves chocolate ( Vanilla Cake filled with chocolate ganache) and Very Vanilla

How cute are these two? Mini Red Velvet and Strawberry

Carrot!, Mmmm , Carrot is so yummy!

Baked just for you ... how pretty are these new Paula Deen cupcake papers?

Gluten Free Chocolate and Choco Chips

Breakfast Vegan Muffins in South Beach

Our Regular Minis at Juice and Java South Beach

One of our favorites... Red Velvet and Carrot

Minis .. Minis.. who doesn't love a vegan mini cupcake ?

As far as of Amelie pregnancy… I am doing better this week, feeling good, already 25 weeks pregnant.. getting to close to have our baby girl in our hands!




One Response to “Erick’s Birthday”

  1. babytyche08 May 24, 2010 at 4:04 pm #

    THe painting is really artistic and beautiful. 🙂 and by the way those cupcakes looks so delicious.

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