17 May

I wish I can have enough patience and strength every day to go to sleep in peace with myself and my family. Somedays I feel defeated and I ask myself what is what keeps me going.

I am exhausted today, after hearing my two-year old scream from the top of his lungs for about 1 and a half because he didn’t want to go to sleep, to arguing with my husband because I “took my sweet time putting the kids to sleep” and because I have been standing on my feet doing a promo in publix for 5 hours so I can get 400 dollars extra to pay for expenses…I am at a point where I feel frustrated, tired and very short in patience.

Let’s just add I am 6 months pregnant today and just found out that one of my clients gave me a bad check of $35 dollars! yes $35 dollars ! …and that the bank is going to charge $35 for fees annnndd she is not returning my calls… what a wonderful day!.

But I keep going and going, and going… I know I am going to read this in the future and remember this day. Sometimes I  feel that I can’t go on, that I can’t continue, but I had proved myself wrong; and I will probably prove myself wrong again tomorrow when I have to  deal with another day of crazy orders, of long hours baking, of crazy kids destroying everything in my house and of marriage related arguments that none us can’t escape.

I am exhausted today and I will probably be exhausted tomorrow, but I am thankful to all the beautiful things I have and all the beautiful things I will get with my hard work.

For now here are some pics of my weekend’s orders,

Love ,


Cookies No Cream cake

Cupcakes for Juice and Java Sobe

Cupcakes at J&J Sobe

Vanilla-Vanilla, Chocolate-Chocolate

This is my favorite... Cookies No Cream ... Can't resist it, delicious

GF Chocolate with Vanilla Icing Cake

A box for another cake

Lady Bug Bday Party

Vegan Very Vanilla

Vegan Double Chocolate


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