Peace, Love and Bunnie Cakes

11 May

This post was originally added to my facebook page on February this year… ❤

My first wedding was all about the 60’s, peace signs, beach location, love and many cupcakes… I decided to share it with you since this was like a mini challenge for me. There have been a lot of recent changes in my life and new responsibilities added to my daily routine, besides the fact that it was on one of the busiest weekend of the year for me … Valentine’s Day.. lots of work.. enjoy the pics!

and I started baking….

Choco Chips…

Pink lemonade…

Very Vanilla…

Red Velvet …


and Cookie Dough!

The Final Display….

I spent almost 2 days putting together this display as well as making the final touches. Everything was handmade, they are all fabric petals with 60’s buttons and appliques … the bride and the bridesmaid bouquets were made also with these fabric flowers.

The wedding was being filmed by TLC as a part of a new series called: Four Weddings… I hope they look cute on TV :/

I was a little nervous watching them filmed my cupcake display

Oopps I almost forgot we also had vegan gluten free chocolate chip cookies!

Howww cute were these? …

beautiful sunset While leaving Key Biscayne I had to stop to take pictures of this sunset… Beautiful! !

and thanks to my friend Keyla who help me put this project together !


One Response to “Peace, Love and Bunnie Cakes”

  1. kimmy0808 May 12, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    What a wonderful reception. I really love it.

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