Mother’s Day Week

11 May

This past week was extremely busy and overloaded with set backs, but Erick, the kids and I made it.

Last wednesday around 2:30 pm FPL kindly knock on my door to inform me that they were going to go to my backyard to cut out the power because of lack of payment, Erick and I look at each other like what??? Didn’t we pay the bill? Is it our new due date May 11?

After a few phone calls to our landlord ( who is the responsible of paying the electricity that we include on the rent check every month) and a few calls to FPL, Erick went on a run to get the cash and pay it. The payment went through at 3:50 pm.

That night the kids were exhausted because of the heat, the mosquitos, the humidity… I called FPL so many times just to ask when will the technician come back to put the power on, but the only answer was “You have a 24 hour window and we cannot tell you times or give you an specific time frame but that one” … ok 24 hours? with a hungry toddler, a cranky baby, a 6 month old pregnant woman and customers calling to place orders for mother’s day… I lost it in one of the phone calls, I yelled at the operator, I was beyond frustrated. Long story short… they reconnect the power next day at 3 pm.

But we made it to thursday, and FPL reconnect the power just 51 minutes short of that 24 hour window ( I hate them every minute of those 23 hours without power) .

I baked all thursday and Friday and Saturday morning… by Sunday I was exhausted. But my boys were my most precious gift. Thanks to Erick I finished all the orders and projects we had during the weekend.

But because all these set backs with our wonderful FPL experience I couldn’t follow much of my diet or exercise how I wanted, or posted what I wanted to post on the blog, it is amazing how we depend on power for e v e r y t h i n g ! .

Here are some pics of mother’s day cupcakes we did and of course of my boys and I on Sunday afternoon,



Vegan Choco Chips and Chocolate

Chocolate, Choco Chips, Vanilla, Guava, Cookies no Cream

100 % Organic Vegan

Me and the boys at the park on sunday celebrating Mother's Day


2 Responses to “Mother’s Day Week”

  1. kimmy0808 May 11, 2010 at 9:43 am #

    Those cupcakes look so delicious and you really look good with your 2 kids. 🙂 belated happy mothers day.

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